Having the right tool for the job is essential in any trade.  From buttering your toast with a spoon to mowing the lawn with a pair of scissors, I could give you endless examples of how using the incorrect tool, would only make a job more difficult.  However, having the right tool can make all of the difference… when you put that tool to good use.

Tool Time

The purpose of this post is to engage the reader and encourage you to do something for The Lord.  This blog is a new tool that Spirit Empowered Ministries wishes to use to promote the mission of our congregation.  That is, to equip believers to cultivate relationships with those who do not know Christ.

You know those scissors that I had mentioned before?  It would seem kind of silly to use them to mow your lawn, especially if you also owned a riding lawn mower.  Well, that is what it is like in the Kingdom of God when we refuse to allow Holy Spirit to lead our actions.  Doing things the best we know how, using our own understanding to make decisions, is like using those scissors to cut the grass in your lawn.  Yes, you can cut the grass with them, but there is a much better way.  They make a tool for that!

Why would anyone not use the great gift of Holy Spirit when He is available for free application?  Jesus has imparted this gift to His followers and many of us are still using scissors to cut the lawn. The good news is that we can begin to utilize God’s tools and gifts at any time.  Just like this post, Tree of Life is beginning to use a tool that we have not utilized before.  Ask Jesus today about revealing Holy Spirit in a greater capacity to you.  Then, use the tools that God has given you to advance His Kingdom in everything that you do.