Come all of you
Arrive on your post today
Let your voices be heard
Let truth prevail!
I AM covering you
Know this, I AM on the move!
Go out to the public square
Allow Me to use you and your voice
Let the truth be heard in the public square
I AM letting your voice and your truth,
which aligns with what I say,
to be heard in the halls of justice short shrift!
When you step up and step out
Holy Spirit is with you
I Am the spirit of truth
So get your feet moving, and then release your sound
Let the truth ring through this land
Every single person who has this assignment,
begin a movement of letting My truth resound in the land
Only then will you see justice prevail
Every one of you who carry My truth,
you will be released to bring truth to the masses
Surrender your comfort, your anonymity
It is good to move forward
The time is now
I have set the stage
You will be under My covering – you already are under My covering
I AM bringing stealth communications
I AM bringing the army I have assembled to stand with you
I have the undercover Kingdom operatives ready to come onto the international stage
The scene is set
Get on your queue – get on your post
It is Go time!
You are My cupbearers
My flagbearers
My squires
My warriors
I Am in your midst
You are wearing My armor
Let’s Roll!