Connected Healed Empowered

Manna is an inner healing ministry. It is the expression of Jesus, the eternal Bread sent from Heaven, connecting with individuals to heal the wounded soul.

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What to Expect

  • Trained prayer ministers meet with each guest for the purpose of strengthening their connection with God. Our focus is on healing the heart and deliverance from hindrances to intimacy with God.


  • Your prayer minitry team partners with you to discover your identity. Healing is experienced as you walk through this process.


  • There is a suggested donation of $50 to the ministry for prayer sessions.  You can donate online through the DONATE button to the left or by check/cash on the day of your session.

“I’m so blessed by the MANNA ministry I received last night. So impressed with the notes I received of the good things heard from the Lord. Very anointed along with the intimate connection in the Spirit was so transcendent.

I just love the notes it takes me to the truth encounters. Holy Spirit speaks to me in pictures which I delight and also other ways in our communications (w/ Holy Spirit). The notes on the ministry letterhead looks so great…it’s a treasure to keep and to hold onto the blessings and truths received. Blessings to you and the team, I personally know how much work is involved from ministering RTF.

Eph 3:20…exceedingly abundantly, immeasurably, infinitely beyond to describe & beyond what I asked for, think for & imagined describes the MANNA received. “