Yahweh loves you and has plans for you!

Yahweh loves you and has plans for you!

 Yahweh, You are so loving

Almighty God, You are love!

How much You teach us about who You are if we take notice

When we position ourselves to receive Your perspective, everything is better!

How much our perspective increases to be in alignment with what You say lies within our grasp

We get to overcome the inner voice telling us things are not good

Verily, You say to gaze upon what is pleasant, righteous and light

Evermore, let us surrender to look through Your lens and throw down our lenses

You are faithful to teach us 

Only letting go of our own ideas unleashes the floodgates of discovery with You, Almighty God

Never do I want to pick back up the damaged lens I had used for a lifetime

Help me to get Your lens that awaits me even now and strap it on, securing Your truth

To peer at people and our current life circumstances with Your lens is the only way!

Already, You have every solution

Naysayers are not operating from the lens of what You say for You always speak life, life, life

Only You could save us

Really this is more clear than ever

You are awakening Your remnant!

Only You give us our marching orders

Until You say “Move”, we could only keep eyes on You!!!